Sunday, 9 August 2015

Battle Report: BIG 9th August 2015

We hit BIG this weekend, Rob and myself and made a new friend, Glen.  Rob had put together a scenario that challenge him to fight a delaying action with 2 Brigades of British Line Infantry with some support from 2 Light Infantry Regiments against 2 French Infantry Divisions supported by a Division of Cavalry.  This was going to get messy.

The Orders were sent out.  Here

The battle was great fun and we took a few shots of our new project now completed and some of the action.  Sorry for the image quality as we were beside a window on a pretty bright day.

In the Beginning....

1st Brigade moves to protect the Right flank and capture the bridge crossing.  Engineers to be used to blow the bridge if needed.

Comments form the Super Coach, Rob shows Glen some nuances of the game

The the Eastern approach screened the French Columns seem unstoppable in their progress to the North.

The Crisis:  the British bring awesome fire to bare on the french crossing the Bridges.  French Artillery move to dispatch the threat.

French Infantry supported by Artillery hold the Bridge while the voltigeurs harass the British Cavalry from the woods.

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  1. Your game certainly looked good. Sorry I didn't get over to take a closer look at it.